Black History Month- Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs UK

Black History Month- Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs UK

Black History Month is an annual celebration that takes place in the United Kingdom every October. It’s a time to reflect on and appreciate the outstanding achievements and contributions of Black individuals throughout history. In this article, we’ll delve into the origins and importance of Black History Month in the UK, explore the various ways it is celebrated, and address the controversies that have surrounded it over the years. Additionally, we will shine a spotlight on the top 10 Black entrepreneurs who have made remarkable strides in the business world.

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The Origins of Black History Month in the UK

The inception of Black History Month in the United Kingdom can be traced back to the tireless efforts of individuals who recognized the need to acknowledge the contributions and historical significance of Black Britons. It all began in the 1920s when the concept of a dedicated month for celebrating Black history was first introduced. Key figures like Akyaaba Addai-Sebo and Linda Bellos played pivotal roles in establishing the observance.


Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, a Ghanaian-born civil servant, is often credited with spearheading the early celebrations of Black history in the UK. His passion for recognizing Black achievements and cultural heritage led to the organization of the first UK Black History Month in 1987. Linda Bellos, a prominent activist and politician, further championed the cause, helping to solidify the event’s place in the British cultural calendar.

When and How Black History Month is Celebrated in the UK

Black History Month is celebrated throughout the month of October in the UK. During this time, a diverse range of activities and events are organized to honor the rich contributions of Black individuals to British society. These celebrations encompass educational programs, art exhibitions, film screenings, musical performances, and panel discussions, providing a platform for learning and engagement.


Schools, universities, community organizations, and cultural institutions actively participate in Black History Month by organizing events that highlight the historical and contemporary achievements of Black Britons. These events often emphasize themes such as the arts, literature, politics, and science. Furthermore, the month serves as an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues about race, identity, and social justice, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

The Importance of Black History Month

Black History Month holds profound importance in the United Kingdom for several reasons. Firstly, it serves as a vital reminder of the remarkable contributions made by Black individuals throughout history, contributions that have often been overlooked or marginalized. This observance helps rectify historical imbalances by bringing these accomplishments to the forefront.


Secondly, Black History Month plays a pivotal role in promoting diversity and inclusivity within British society. By celebrating the achievements of Black Britons and acknowledging their struggles, it encourages conversations around race, equality, and social justice. It inspires individuals to engage in meaningful discussions about the challenges faced by Black communities, ultimately working towards a more equitable and harmonious society.


Moreover, Black History Month has a significant educational impact. It enhances the curriculum in schools and universities, offering a more comprehensive understanding of British history and culture. It broadens perspectives and fosters a sense of belonging and pride among Black students while raising awareness among all members of the community.

Spotlight on Top 10 Black Entrepreneurs in the UK

In this section, we’ll celebrate the achievements of the top 10 Black entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. Through inspiring success stories. Their invaluable contributions to the business world and the broader community. These entrepreneurs have broken barriers and continue to make a positive impact on the UK’s economic outlook.

1. Abubakar Salim

Actor, CEO & Founder of Surgent Studios

Abubakar Salim- black history month- black entrepreneur

Abubakar Salim is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a versatile actor and voice artist. He gained recognition for his role in the hit TV series “Raised by Wolves,” where he portrayed the character “Father.” In addition to his acting career, Salim is the founder of Camelot Films, a production company that has contributed to the entertainment industry. His work showcases his creativity and innovation.

2. Andy Ayim MBE

Director at The Angel Investing School

Andy Ayim MBE- black history month- black entrepreneur

Andy Ayim is known for his remarkable contributions to the UK’s startup ecosystem. Beyond being an entrepreneur, he is an MBE recipient and a strong advocate for underrepresented founders. Andy Ayim has made a significant impact as an investor and mentor, supporting startups and helping them grow.

3. Atinuke Awe

Founder of Mums and Tea and Learning with EZ

Atinuke-Awe -black history month- black entrepreneur

Tinuke, a Black mother and founder of Learning with Ez and Mums & Tea, is dedicated to promoting diverse educational resources for children and connecting Black mothers. She is also a co-founder of Five X More CIC, an organization campaigning for Black maternal health outcomes in the UK. Tinuke has been recognized as a ‘Force for Change’ by British Vogue and a ‘Woman changing the World’ by the Evening Standard for International Women’s Days.

4. Ben Anderson

Co-founder of Musicalize

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is an accomplished entrepreneur with a strong background in technology and innovation. He has made valuable contributions to various startups and initiatives, showing his adaptability and expertise in the ever-evolving tech industry.

5. Bejay Mulenga

CEO of Supa Network, Entrepreneur & Digital Creator

Bejay Mulenga

Bejay Mulenga’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his dedication to youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Supa Network, he has provided young people with opportunities to engage in creative projects and entrepreneurship. His work demonstrates the positive impact of entrepreneurial initiatives on the younger generation.

6. Andy Davis

Partner at 10×10 Capital

Andy Davis

Andy Davis is a successful entrepreneur with a focus on finance and tech startups. He has a history of founding and growing businesses, showcasing his leadership and strategic skills in these competitive sectors.

7. Tobi Oredein

Oredein is the founder of Black Ballad

Tobi Oredein

Tobi Oredein is a notable entrepreneur known for her significant contributions to media and journalism. She founded Black Ballad, a platform that provides a space for Black women to share their stories and experiences, amplifying their voices and experiences in the media landscape.

8. Dr. Anne-Marie

Founder of Stemettes

Dr. Anne-Marie

Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon is an MBE recipient and co-founder of STEMettes. Her work focuses on encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM fields, addressing gender disparities and fostering inclusivity in these critical sectors.

9. Yvonne Bajela

Founding Member and Principal at Impact X Capital

Yvonne Bajela

Yvonne Bajela is a prominent figure in the venture capital landscape, and she is the founder of Impact X Capital. Her dedication to investing in underrepresented founders and startups has been pivotal in addressing the diversity gap in the startup ecosystem.

10. William Adoasi

Founder of Vitae London

William Adoasi

The creator of Vitae London is Adoasi. Vitae means “life,” and each Watch purchase helps a youngster by supplying necessary educational materials. The President of Ghana, Ava DuVernay, and Richard Branson are among the celebrities that own their watches.

These entrepreneurs have not only achieved notable success in their respective fields but have also demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact on society, whether through supporting underrepresented founders, promoting sustainability, or fostering diversity and inclusion. Their stories serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers.

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