Is It Better to Take Dividends or Salary?

Is It Better to Take Dividends or Salary

Making More Money: Choosing Between Dividends and Salary In the world of personal finance, one of the crucial decisions individuals face is whether to opt for dividends or a salary. This guide aims to simplify the complexities surrounding this choice, providing insights into the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you make an […]

How to get a mortgage being self-employed

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There are several tax advantages if you are self-employed. However, when it comes to applying for a mortgage, then self-employment can become a disadvantage because of the risks involved. One of the major risks of being self-employed is the fluctuation of your income. Mortgage underwriters see this as a sign of unaffordability.  Share This Post […]

What is the Recovery Loan Scheme and Are You Eligible?

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Share This Post Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on google Share on email About the Scheme The Recovery Loan Scheme is aimed at helping businesses of all sizes to access financial help in a bid to recover from the pandemic, and it will ensure that businesses will continue to benefit […]

How Can Sole Traders Claim the Fifth SEISS Grant for Self-Assessment?

Share This Post Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on google Share on email What is the fifth SEISS grant? The fifth SEISS grant is the last out of five grants made available by the government to support self-employed individuals in the UK whose businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 […]

Budget 2021

UK Budget 2021 UK Budget 2021: An Analysis by TaxCare Accountants Spend it now and pay it later is the theme concept of our Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s UK budget 2021. The budget 2021 announcement is aiming to create thousands of jobs, economic recovery, and economic growth for post-Brexit United Kingdom. This is probably the most […]

Covid-19 Job Retention Scheme Extended

Covid: Rishi Sunak to extend furlough scheme to end of March The chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that he is extending the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme until the end of March, with a review of its terms in January. The scheme will pay 80% of an employee’s wage up to £2,500 a month, though the January review […]