You Have Received A Letter From HMRC: What Do You Need To Know?

Table of Contents Received a Letter from HMRC? If you are self-employed and you have received a letter from HMRC, it is likely to be about one of the following three issues: your personal tax affairs, your National Insurance contributions, or something more serious. If you are a limited company director you may have received […]

Benefits in Kind (P11D)-How it works?

The following article was drafted by a Tax Accountant based in London. The following article highlights the key issue of Benefits in Kind also know as P11D.  If you hire an employee in your business, you have many options for rewarding them in addition to paying salaries and wages. The most common choice is to […]

In-house payroll or outsourcing payroll: which one should your business choose?

In-house payroll means you or one of your employees are processing payroll for all of the employees in your company. You are probably going to need to set up your own internal department to handle all activities regarding payroll; your company will choose the payroll software and pay for the subscription, and your team will […]

Which payroll software is best for small business payroll services?

Looking for a best payroll software for your business? There are almost 136 of HMRC approved payroll software available in the market. So which one is best for you business? We have analysed and compared all payroll software based on the pricing, flexibility and simplicity. We have highlighted the most popular software below. The ideal […]

Employer Payroll and Staff Benefit Guide 2020-2021

Whether you’re a sole trader or the director of a limited company, taking on your first employee is a big moment for your business. Becoming an employer can seem like a daunting step as there is a lot to do, from finding the right person to work for you, to creating contacts, and making sure […]

Benefits Of Outsourcing Payroll UK | Payroll outsourcing guide

Table of Contents Outsourcing payroll is a difficult task as you need to make sure the payroll outsourced company is reliable and affordable for your business. This guide aims to explain how payroll outsourcing works and key things you need to consider before outsourcing your payroll to a payroll service provider . In order to streamline […]