How to Get Your Corporation Tax Payment Reference Number in the UK

Corporation Tax Payment Reference Number

If you have filed your corporation tax return, the next step is paying your corporation tax to HMRC. However, you need to make sure your corporation tax payment reference number is accurate. Otherwise the payment may be allocated to the wrong account and you will end up receiving a penalty. The most efficient way is to log in to your business tax account and make the payment directly from there. However, many business owners in the UK do not have access to their business tax account. This guide will help you understand how to obtain your corporation tax payment reference number, an essential step for making your payment.

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The Corporation Tax Payment Reference Number

Your corporation tax payment reference number is crucial for ensuring your payment is correctly allocated. This 17-digit number looks something like this: 1234567890A00103A. Here’s a breakdown of what each part of the number represents:


  1. First 10 digits (1234567890): This is your unique corporation tax reference number. You can find it on your corporation tax return.


  1. Second 4 digits (A001): These digits are the same for all companies and do not need to be altered.


  1. Third 2 digits: These digits indicate the accounting period for which you are making the payment. For example the digit “01” represents your first accounting period and it is always marked as “01”. It increments with each subsequent accounting period. For example, if you formed your company in June 2020 and are paying for the accounting period ending in 2024, the number would be “04”.


  1. Fourth digit (A): This final digit remains unchanged for all companies.

How to Obtain Your Corporation Tax Payment Reference Number

There are several ways to get your corporation tax payment reference number:


1. From HMRC Corporation Tax Notice

HMRC sends a corporation tax notice to your registered business address when it’s time to file your tax return. This letter includes a payment slip with your payment reference number. Look for the reference on this slip to ensure you have the correct number.


2. If You Don’t Have Your Corporation Tax Notice

If you do not have the notice, you can still generate your corporation tax payment reference number by following these steps:

* Locate your 10-digit corporation tax reference number from your corporation tax return.

* Append the constant four digits “A001”.

* Determine the two digits representing the accounting period you are paying for. Your first year period is “01”, and it increments each year.

* Finally, add the last digit, “A”, which remains the same.

Making the Payment

Once you have your complete 17-digit reference number, you can make your corporation tax payment through various methods, including online banking, BACS, or by cheque. Ensure you use the exact reference number to avoid any delays or misallocations of your payment.

Why CT Payment Reference is Important?

Not only is it required by law, but getting and knowing your corporation tax payment reference number is also very important for protecting your business’s finances and reputation. Sticking to your tax obligations and putting your payments where they belong shows that you are honest and responsible with money, which earns the trust of HMRC and other stakeholders.


Keeping detailed records of your tax payments and the reference numbers that go with them not only makes audits and questions easier, but it also makes money more clear and accountable. You can keep your business safe from penalties, fines, and damage to its image by encouraging a culture of diligence and compliance. This will set it up for long-term growth and success in a competitive market.

Advice on How to Make Taxes Easier

Now that you’ve obtained your corporation tax payment reference number, let’s explore additional strategies to ensure smooth sailing through the tax landscape:

  1. Using a variety of payment methods: While online banking and BACS transfers offer convenience, don’t overlook alternative payment avenues such as direct debit or CHAPS payments. Diversifying your payment methods not only enhances flexibility but also provides backup options in case of technical glitches or unforeseen circumstances. Remember, whichever method you choose, always include your reference number to facilitate seamless transactions and accurate allocation of payments.


  2. To make payments on time, use technology:Use automation to help you remember when your tax dates are. Use calendar alerts, mobile apps, or automated payment systems to make sure you pay your taxes on time. You can speed up the payment process and avoid the expensive effects of late payment fees by incorporating automation.

  3. Cultivate Proactive Communication with HMRC: Foster an open line of communication with HMRC to address any queries or concerns regarding your tax obligations. Whether seeking clarification on tax regulations or requesting assistance with payment arrangements, proactive engagement with HMRC demonstrates your commitment to compliance and transparency. By building a positive rapport with tax authorities, you not only enhance your understanding of tax requirements but also gain access to valuable resources and support services.

  4. Invest in Professional Expertise: You might want to hire a tax expert or an accountant for your company tax return to feel more comfortable with tax difficulties that are hard to understand. An accountant with a lot of knowledge can help you get the most out of your tax plan, save money, and make sure you’re following the rules, which change all the time. You can avoid making mistakes, save money on taxes, and focus on your main business tasks without having to worry about your taxes if you hire someone to do your taxes for you.


Obtaining your corporation tax payment reference number is straightforward if you know where to look and how to construct it. Whether you retrieve it from HMRC’s notice or generate it yourself using the information provided, having the correct reference number is crucial for timely and accurate payment of your corporation tax. Otherwise, you would probably need to contact HMRC to correct the payment reference number. Furthermore, HMRC may issue a late payment interest charges. Make sure to keep this number handy for all future payments and interactions with HMRC.


By following this guide, you’ll ensure that your corporation tax payments are correctly attributed, helping you stay compliant with HMRC requirements.

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