Do I need an accountant for a limited company?

Do I need an accountant for a limited company

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If you own a limited company, it is crucial to comply with regulatory requirements is crucial to avoid penalties from both the Companies House and HMRC. As a director of a company, you must complete the following activities to avoid any penalties from Companies House and from HMRC.

  1. Prepare the statutory accounts and file the accounts to Companies House
  2. Prepare the corporation tax accounts and file the corporation tax (CT600) to HMRC.
To complete the above tasks you can either do it by yourself or you can hire a professional accountant or a limited company tax advisor to do it on your behalf. 
Now as a director of a business, it could be the last thing on your “to do” task list. Preparing a full set of statutory accounts is challenging and it could be extremely difficult if you do not have an accounting background. However, in modern days you can actually use AI tools such as Chat-GPT to prepare professional accounts. However, do I really need all of that to prepare accounts when you have a lot of professional accountants to prepare your accounts and file corporation tax? 
In summary, there is no legal requirement to hire an accountant to prepare your limited company accounts. However, your accounts must meet specific standards for filing with Companies House. Additionally, even if your company incurs a loss, filing a corporation tax return (CT600) is mandatory and time-consuming.
To avoid all these complications, majority of the business owners hire an accountant to file their company accounts and corporation tax. A recent research conducted by ICAEW found 92% of the business owners hire an external accountant to file their year-end accounts. 

Why Should I Hire A Limited Company Accountant?

Although there is no legal requirements to hire an accountant for your limited company, however, there are certain benefits of hiring a professional accountant:

Prepare Your Company Accounts

An accountant can prepare your accounts, file it for you with a professional standard.

Corporation tax Planning:

They can also assist you with valuable tax advisory to tave your money on your tax bill. Sometimes, business could save huge amount by hiring an accountant who is of a corporation tax expert.

Corporation Tax Return

A limited company director must file corporation tax return within the deadline Corporation tax return also know as filing CT600. CT600 is complicated to prepare and we would recommend to hire a professional corporation tax expert if you are not sure how to prepare and file your corporation tax return.

Other Valuable Services for Your Limited Company

there are other valuable services an accountant can provide for your company. For example, if you staff members or if you are looking for a director payroll, an accountant can help you with payroll outsourcing services. If you are VAT registered business you are required to sign up for MTD and file your VAT return regularly. If you hire a limited company accountant, you can get get valuable payroll outsourcing service and VAT advisory services. However, sometimes all of the accounting service will cost you a service fee. You can get a quote from various accountant and choos the best accountant who can fit your isustry and your business needs.

How Tax Care accountant can help you?

Tax Care is a leading digital accountant and tax advisor based in Birmingham offer wide range of accounting, taxation services to your needs. 

Virtual Finance Department for your limited company:

Virtual finance department or virtual finance office service is a cost saving accounting service that will unlock your business potential and help you to take your business next hight.

All-inclusive accounting service:

All-inclusive accounting service is one of the most cost effective accounting service for your business. Tax Care’s All-Inclusive Accounting Service is a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of your company’s financial management. This service is designed to be one of the most cost-effective accounting solutions available, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Bookkeeping Services:

Maintaining organized and up-to-date financial records is the foundation of sound business management. Tax Care offers reliable bookkeeping services to keep your financial data in order. From recording daily transactions to categorizing expenses, their bookkeeping services contribute to the accuracy and reliability of your financial information.

Accounts Preparation for Your Limited Company:

Preparing accounts for your limited company involves more than just fulfilling regulatory requirements. Tax Care goes beyond the basics, ensuring that your accounts not only meet the necessary standards for filing with Companies House but also provide valuable insights into your company’s financial health. Their thorough approach to accounts preparation adds strategic value to the process.

Corporation Tax Preparation for Your Limited Company:

Filing the CT600 form accurately and on time is a complex task. Tax Care specializes in corporation tax preparation for limited companies, navigating the intricacies of the CT600 form with expertise. By entrusting this responsibility to Tax Care, you ensure that your corporation tax return is prepared meticulously, minimizing the risk of errors and penalties.

Professional Tax Planning and Tax Advisory:

Tax planning is not just about meeting obligations; it’s about optimizing your tax position to save money and support your business goals. Tax Care offers professional tax planning and advisory services, tailoring strategies to your specific circumstances. Their experts provide insights into potential tax-saving opportunities and ensure that your business operates in a tax-efficient manner.

In conclusion, Tax Care is more than an accounting service; it’s a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing the financial well-being of your limited company. Whether it’s managing payroll, handling VAT compliance, maintaining accurate books, preparing accounts, or navigating the complexities of corporation tax, Tax Care’s comprehensive suite of services ensures that your financial matters are in capable hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Hiring a limited company can be expensive and it is an important decision for your business. If your business is very simple then you probably would not require an accountant to prepare and file your accounts. However, if your business is complicated then we would recommend to hire a limited company accountant who can assist you with the compliances as well as with the business growth advisory. In modern days hiring an accountant means setting up a strategic partnership manage your business and financial affairs.

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