How an Accountants Can Encourage Businesses to Combat Climate Change?

Climate Change- How to combat?

Climate Change- A Genuine Threat to the Human Life

The planet Earth is under threat due to rapid climate change. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, flooding, and extreme heatwave are almost daily incidents all around the world when watching the news. We believe accountants can play a vital role in fighting climate change.  By incorporating sustainable practices and providing expert guidance, an accountant can foster a greener and more sustainable future. Here’s how an accountant can assist businesses in their journey toward environmental stewardship:


    Paperless Accounting:

    Every year, an estimated 1.4 billion trees end up in landfills due to product packaging and paper waste. Traditional accounting practices contribute to this environmental impact by consuming substantial amounts of paper. An online accountant plays a part in saving trees and conserving natural resources by digitizing financial records, businesses can play a part in saving trees and conserving natural resources. At Tax Care, we are proud to be a paperless accounting firm, utilizing digital processes that minimize paper usage and waste. We also encourage our clients to be paperless by offering receipt scanning tools such as Dext and accounting software such as QuickBooks.

  2. Encouraging Clients to Purchase Electric Cars:

    Latest statistics for 2020 were published in June 2022 and show that, on this measure, across UK local authorities, the transport was the largest emitter, accounting for 28% of all UK emissions. “Industry” accounted for 19% of all UK territorial emissions in 2020. UK Transportation is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. To address this, we actively encourage our clients to transition to electric vehicles (EVs). There are several tax advantages to purchasing an electric car. Two of those major benefits are the “capital allowance” and the “benefits in kind”. We provide them with information on the environmental and economic benefits of EVs, including reduced carbon emissions, lower operating costs, and potential tax benefits incentives. By promoting the adoption of electric cars, we help businesses make a positive impact on the environment.

  3. Encouraging Businesses to Plant Trees Worldwide:

    Trees play a vital role in sequestering carbon dioxide and mitigating climate change. As climate change is a global problem, therefore, we advocate for businesses to participate in tree-planting initiatives globally. By collaborating with environmental organizations, professional accountants can encourage clients to contribute to reforestation efforts, restore ecosystems, and offset their carbon footprint. Planting trees not only helps combat climate change but also enhances biodiversity and creates sustainable habitats.

  4. Encouraging Remote Work and Minimizing Unnecessary Travel:

    Reducing carbon emissions from commuting and business travel is crucial in the fight against climate change. Accountants can encourage clients to attend online virtual meetings to reduce carbon emissions from commuting and business travel by clients. At Tax Care we offer an online meeting with our clients to reduce time on traveling. We have also offered hybrid working conditions to all of our employees that helped them reduce traveling. We also advise businesses on the benefits of remote work and the utilization of digital communication tools to minimize unnecessary travel. By embracing remote work practices, companies can lower their environmental impact while also improving work-life balance and reducing costs.

  5. Advising Clients on Tax Benefits of Green Investment and Capital Allowances:

    Investing in green initiatives and sustainable technologies can provide businesses with attractive tax benefits. You can claim up to 130% back from HMRC under super deduction CA scheme. We help our clients identify potential tax incentives and claim capital allowances related to green investments. By leveraging these opportunities, businesses can not only support their environmental objectives but also enjoy financial advantages while making a positive impact on the planet.

  6. 100% Renewable Web-Hosting:

    To minimize the carbon footprint of online operations, we offer 100% renewable web-hosting services. By utilizing clean energy sources such as wind or solar power, we ensure that our client’s websites are powered by sustainable energy. This commitment to renewable web hosting aligns with our overall mission to provide environmentally friendly solutions.

  7. Respecting and Protecting Green Spaces:

    We strongly advocate for the preservation and protection of green spaces within communities. We encourage our clients to adopt responsible land-use practices, such as minimizing deforestation, preserving wildlife habitats, and supporting local conservation efforts. By respecting and protecting green spaces, businesses can contribute to the overall well-being of the environment and society.

  8. Integrated Accounting for Business:

    Our integrated accounting services encompass not only financial management but also environmental sustainability. By integrating environmental metrics and reporting into our accounting systems, we help businesses monitor and measure their environmental impact. This comprehensive approach enables clients to make informed decisions, optimize resource usage, and drive sustainability across their operations.

Going paperless is not an easy option for businesses. Especially in the accounting sector. However, by digitising financial records and embracing paperless tools, businesses can save thousands of trees, conserve natural resources, and improve productivity. At Tax Care, we are fully committed to a paperless approach, leveraging digital solutions for efficient and sustainable accounting. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet by adopting paperless accounting practices and embracing the power of technology.

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