In-house payroll or outsourcing payroll: which one should your business choose?

Paying your employees correctly, and on time, is crucial for sustainable business growth. In order to pay your employees properly, on-time and in compliance with HMRC and pension regulations, you need decide whether to implement in-house payroll or outsource payroll jobs.

In-house payroll means you or one of your employees are processing payroll for all of the employees in your company. You are probably going to need to set up your own internal department to handle all activities regarding payroll; your company will choose the payroll software and pay for the subscription, and your team will implement it. In-house payroll is the combination of the accounts and payroll departments.

You will have the freedom to customise the software based on your company requirements.

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Pros of in-house payroll

There are many advantages of implementing an in-house payroll system into your business.

You will have control over your payroll: if you process in-house payroll then you will have control over your payroll department.

There is no risk of losing data: sometimes your business data is more valuable than money in the 21st century. One of the major risks of outsourcing payroll is the potential of losing business data, but this risk is eradicated using in-house payroll.

Communications: if you have in-house payroll then you will maintain better communication with the payroll team. If your employees have payroll enquiries they can contact the payroll department directly.

Customisation: you can implement and customise the payroll software based on your business’s requirements.

Flexibility: you will have the flexibility for last minute changes. Any missing hours or missing timesheets can be processed at the last minute as you are in control of the department.

Fast correction: if you make a mistake in payroll payment or miss any payment then you can quickly pay your employees. 

Cons of in-house payroll

On the contrary, there are also several disadvantages of using in-house payroll for your business.

Expensive: you will need to hire a staff member who can take up responsibility of processing payroll for your employees and this can be expensive. You will also need to find a suitable payroll software and implement it.

Time-consuming: implementing and customising payroll is time-consuming. You would also need to set up a pension scheme which would require time and expertise skills.

Lack of expertise: one of the major obstacles with in-house payroll is the lack of payroll skills and experience as payroll is constantly changing. Specifically, if you own a small/medium sized business, you cannot afford to bring all payroll expertise on board.

What is payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing refers to outsourcing your payroll activities to a payroll provider who will bring you highly experienced professionals who are up to date on the latest legislation and are able to quickly adapt to changes. By outsourcing, you can be secure in knowing you are HMRC compliant and that your employees are paid correctly and on time. At TaxCare Accountants, we have the additional benefit of possessing our own Accounting and Taxation experts from our People Services team, who offer you all-inclusive accounting and payroll services at a fixed fee.

What is the cost of outsourcing payroll?

Outsourcing your payroll to a payroll bureau company can be more expensive than in-house payroll. The cost of outsourcing your payroll depends on what is included in your package; it always costs more to include pension in your payroll package.

Are you going pay your employees yourself or are you looking for a payroll company to process your payroll and payments? What about the pension scheme and auto enrolment?

If you outsource your payroll to Tax Care Payroll Outsourcing, the service will only cost you around £3 per payslip.

What are Outsourced Payroll Services?

Many small businesses around the world have benefitted from payroll outsourcing. There are almost 4.9 million people in the UK have been furloughed due the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, payroll and furlough claims became essential not only for businesses but also for the survival of our economy by reducing the number of jobs losses.

The effect of the pandemic and its following recession significantly hit small businesses in the UK, consequently resulting in thousands of employees being laid off or furloughed. Thousands of payroll bureau and small business accountants helped small business to retain their staff members by claiming furlough from HMRC. The payroll department in the UK has never been as important as it has been throughout this pandemic.

Payroll problems during UK's lockdown

There are a lot of companies in the UK who have struggled to process payroll for their employees/clients during the first lockdown in March 2020. An increasing amount of payroll departments within large companies became non-functional overnight due to old-fashioned and out-of-day payroll systems. Some businesses had to distribute PCs or laptops to their employees’ home address as they were using a desktop-based payroll solution. By the end of 2020, most business owners in the UK started realising the importance of implementing a cloud-based accounting and payroll solutions for their business.

Cloud-based payroll

For our post-pandemic business recovery and business growth, world-renowned cloud-based accounting and cloud-based payroll would be advantageous for any business in the UK as the majority of employees are demanding a hybrid working location (partial work from home and partial working from the office). If you fail to offer your employees flexible working patterns and flexible location, you risk losing your talented employees.

If offering a hybrid working location is something you are considering, you would be required to implement cloud-based solutions to cater to this. One of the major advantages of cloud-based accounting is the simplicity and enormous opportunity of integration. You can also automate most of your payroll functions with cloud-based payroll software.

Payroll Bureau Services

Payroll is the backbone of a company’s overall operation. If anything goes wrong with your payroll or payment to your employees, it will cause serious problems for your business because if your staff do not get paid on time this will backfire. They might not even turn up to work next day or they might not trust your company anymore.

If anything goes wrong with your monthly sales target you can improve your sales by revising your marketing strategy. However, if anything goes wrong with your payroll department then your business will be in a big trouble. Therefore, paying your employees correctly and on time is the fundamental principle of a sustainable business.

In order to pay your employees, you would require a payroll system and payroll professional who can process payroll for your business. If you outsource payroll to a payroll outsourcing provider in the UK, there are some benefits of outsourcing payroll.

If you recruit employees you need to comply with the other regulatory requirements including HMRCPension Regulator, HM Court and Justice, employment regulators.

What is the importance of payroll?

A lot of important financial decision about someone’s life depend on payroll and their payslips. For instance, a decision about a mortgage application approval depends on the affordability of the applicant as underwriters analyse applicant’s payslips before making the decision. Sometimes, your mortgage application may get declined due to failure of providing appropriate payslips.

What is a payroll bureau?

payroll bureau company offers payroll outsourcing solution for businesses. One of the key benefits you will get from outsourcing payroll to a payroll bureau company is the expertise payroll skills and knowledge. Most of the businesses struggle to decide whether they need to implement an in-house payroll or outsource the payroll service to a payroll company. We recommend reading the payroll and staff benefit guide by TaxCare if you already have a payroll department.

How to find a payroll bureau company?

Finding the right payroll bureau company can be challenging, especially if want them to offer you a fully managed payroll service. There are some key factors you need to consider before choosing a payroll outsourcing company: experience, knowledge, cost and location. TaxCare offers fully a managed payroll service for your business with a fixed fee.

Payroll is dynamic and subject to comply with constantly changing legislation. If you have between 30-50 employees, we recommend using in-house payroll by integrating your accounting software with a cloud-based payroll solution. If you have less the 30 employees, on the other hand, then we recommend outsourcing your payroll to a payroll outsourcing company as you are likely to save more money with payroll outsourcing.

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