Services and costs

UK VAT services

So, you are a non-UK business which means you are looking for us to provide UK VAT services.

We will provide you ongoing compliance services for UK VAT Returns for HMRC as well as registering you if required. You can see how costs apply as you grow with the Pricing Calculator.

As part of this sign-up we will charge you:

  • Initial advice and set-up fee | £150 + VAT
  • if applicable VAT registration fee | £120 + VAT

If you have historic VAT to complete we will quote for this once we have seen the extent of work, but will normally be based on the standard pricing methodology.

If this is your first VAT return then you may reclaim VAT on qualifying services up to six months, and goods up to four years prior to your registration date. This attracts additional work, which is charged separately. We will quote for this based on the extent of work involved.

J Doe runs a business that is not domiciled outside of the UK. They want to store goods in the UK, so they appoint Ecommerce Accountants to register them for VAT and provide ongoing VAT services.

We register J Doe’s company with HMRC for UK VAT and charge £120 + VAT (VAT is 20% but is going to be reclaimed on future VAT returns) and is billed the day they sign up.

We charge a £150 + VAT set up fee which covers all initial VAT advice and consulatation and our admin costs of getting you set up.

In the first VAT quarter following registration, the UK VAT reportable revenue for J Doe’s business is £30,000, i.e. £120,000 annually equivalent.

We use the pricing calculator and work out the monthly cost for revenue band £100,000 – £200,000 which is £55. Therfore, we charge 3 x £55 + VAT for completeing the VAT return for this period.

Select this service if you would like us to register you for UK VAT straight away (you can add this service later if unsure).

Note, for ecommerce sellers, voluntary registration is rarely beneficial. If unsure, select No for now and discuss this with us once signed up.