Small Business Management and Essentials in the 21st century
Small Business Management and Essentials in the 21st century


One of the major challenges for small businesses in the 21st century is knowing how to use business resources wisely. Most of the SMEs have limited resources and low budget, hence, utilizing the existing resources with the help of sophisticated technology and support service can ensure the business has remained operational, sustainable and profitable for a long term.

Know the best small business management and essentials tips in the 21st century. To reduce cost and to maximize profitability, businesses can use some of the most useful tools in 2019.

  1. Go Cloud-Based:

Whether you work from home or rent a separate office, cloud computing software is a must-have tool for small businesses. Enabling you to work from any location, you can operate from anywhere and remain connected to your business at all times. For instance, you can use Google Cloud Solution for your business. (you will receive $300 for free). At Tax Care we will provide free cloud-based accounting and management software with our accounting package.

  1. Website and Web Design:

Every business should have a website regardless you sell product online or not. Obtaining expert help with your web design will enhance the user experience and help to convert visitors into sales. Contact Tax Care for free business advises today.

  1. Social Media: Small businesses have more opportunity to engage their new and existing customer on social media than large-scaled companies. As a small business owner, you need to develop a strategy for social media marketing.
  2. Google Listing and Local Listing: If you want your business to have minimum digital credibility, it is important to list your business onGoogle My Business for free. For instance, you own a Cafe in Birmingham and someone has just moved into Birmingham and searching for a cafe nearby from his phone. If your business is not listed on Google, he will not be able to find you quickly. For example, they can see the address, opening hours and a contact number straight away, as well as a summary of reviews. There are images, and a link to directions – handy if the searcher is a few minutes’ walks away looking for a coffee.
  3. CRM Software: Your customers are probably the center of your business activities. The more you know about your customer the better service you can provide to them. A CRM software can provide you a great quality of information about your customer and organize you to provide a great quality of service to them. A-CRM software not only improves the greater communication and enhanced customer service but also maximize the overall business efficiency by multiple times. CRM Software also helps businesses to automate daily tasks, marketing activities and customer requirements.
  4. Go Paperless: Every business should have a policy of becoming paperless as much as they can as the paperless office is cleaner, greener and more efficient. Your business will save processing time and money. Most popular affordable or free paperless tools are Docusign, dropbox, NitroPDF, EchoSign Online Contracts, Online T&C, etc.
  5. Online Order Management System:

Online Order management is used to organize customer orders, manage the warehouse, manage warehouse and delivery staff. You can also analyze customer purchasing patterns, purchasing history and customer analysis. The key benefits of using an online order management system are real-time stock control, automated invoicing to your customer, directly linked to your accounting and banking system.

  1. Marketing Automation

In order to save money and time of marketing, automation is becoming the lifeblood of modern business marketing. It improves the productivity of any business dramatically by reducing recurring tasks, provides automated customized emails and social media feeds.

  1. Use Free Screen-sharing Software:

Small businesses can profit from using virtual support services and remote workers. To facilitate these working relationships, it’s important to have the right software in place. A screen-sharing program will ensure that you can liaise with remote workers easily and demonstrate tasks when you need to.

  1. Google App for Business:

Google has designed some free apps for small businesses, which can be utilized to improve your overall business productivity. Use Google Business Solution to find out more about the apps that can be used for your business. Majority of the apps are for free.

By utilizing the above tools and concepts, a business can improve its productivity and gain more profitability. You can just use some of them based on your business requirements. If you are looking for business advice, please feel free to contact Tax Care, as we would love to help you.

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