About Tax Care​

Tax Care Accountant is an award-winning accounting firm specialised in SME accounting and contractor accounting. We started very from the ground up but we are growing very fast due to our core activities of excellent customer service, professional accountancy and dedicated business support. We connect small businesses with big technology and we try to stay one step ahead from a typical accountant with our skills, knowledge and technology.

Our clients trust us, that’s why we get new clients though recommendation from our existing clients. Our efficient tax management tools will make sure your tax return is prepared and submitted on time. We also send your reminders prior to any deadlines to avoid any surprising penalties from HMRC or pension regulators.


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Your Dream. Our Mission.

What makes Tax Care so special?

A thriving firm of qualified accountants offering great quality of service. We have simplified the finance function and made accounting easy for our clients. We have designed unique accounting solutions for our clients in order to reduce cost and stay ahead of the competition.

Smart accounting solution

At Tax Care we are reducing the processing costs for small businesses by integrating finance, accounts, payroll, credit control, management control onto one system. Our clients can send an invoice to their customer with a single touch and they can check or download information with any device from anywhere in the world, with the ability to store digital receipts for up to 7 years with our mobile app.

Professional Accounting Firm

Tax Care is regulated by IFA and registered in England and Wales No. 11409294. We are supervised and regulated by IFA. IFA firm number 270075. CO Data Protection Registration No. ZA779247

Certified Software Advisor

Tax Care accountant is partnership with the leading accounting software providers in the UK. We are a Sage approved business partner and payroll advisor. We are also a leading Quickbooks Pro Certified Advisor in the UK and we have been awarded as a champion partner of Xero Accounting Software. We are a successful Xero Certified Advisor in the UK.

An Easy, Fast and Affordable All-Inclusive Accounting Firm

  1. Your own dedicated Tax Care accountant.
  2. Regular review of your finance and accounts.
  3. Free trial basis, means if you do not like our services then there is no obligation.
  4. Hassle free switching service.
  5. Access to our portal to get your accounting information.
  6. Support to get a bank loan.
  7. Exclusive access to client networking event.

How we support business growth:

Our business has grown as our clients’ businesses have grown. We have undergone the same highs and lows, and suffered the ups and downs of building a business. We understand the challenges you face because they are our challenges too.

We want to help your business grow and this is why we have a range of services to offer. We can access these outside of the mainstream accounting function, the services are designed to help you overcome the issues associated with developing and growing a business in today’s competitive environment.

Rise to the Top

Our Mission

To empower our local business community by providing a dedicated business support, by connecting the small business community with the big business technology and its limitless potential of building a strong economy that will change the world one day.

count on us

Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to support small and medium sized companies to become more sustainable by reducing cost and staying one step ahead of the competitive market.

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Our Aim and Philosophy

Our core values

Strengthening your company

Tax Care Guarantees

Our expertise, hard work and dedication will provide a guaranteed service so you can have peace of mind. At Tax Care we offer the following guarantee:


Fixed fee, no hidden cost: Once we estimate your business requirements we will send you a fixed quote and the service included with the fees. There is no hidden cost afterwards once we are agreed with the fees in advance.


Delivery date agreed in advance: If we do not meet the deadline we agreed, we will simply refund you 50% of your fees if that happened due to the direct result of our actions.


If you are not satisfied with our service: If, after all of our efforts, you are not happy with the service we have provided to you, then we will either do it again or refund your full fees.


Personal Dedicated Accountant: We will provide the details of your personal dedicated who will look after you.


24 Hours Response Time: We will respond to your queries within 24 working hours.


Client Compliance: we make sure our clients always comply with HMRC, Pension regulator, Employment Law to avoid any form of penalties or claims.

We Have Great Answers


Yes, Tax Care Accountants is a certified accounting firm with a valid practicing certificate. The firm is fully compliant with HMRC Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulation requirements. Every single client manager at Tax Care is a qualified accountant with industry experience who will be taking care of your business. The firm is regulated and supervised by the Institute of Financial Accountant (IFA) and HMRC recognised Tax Agent.

We work on the basis of a fixed fee with no hidden cost, you will know exactly what and how much you are paying for.

Most of our clients pay monthly by setting up a direct debit or standing order. You can also pay your fees by instalments.

Yes. Our clients are fully protected in case if there is a worst-case scenario of a huge loss.

We strongly believe the significance of the popular accounting quote “ behind every successful business there is a smart accountant”. At Tax Care we work as a virtual extension of your company in order to free up your time, we advise you on how to save money and provide you the key financial information in order to make informed decisions. We will simplify your payroll, accounting and financial functions of your business and integrate all in one system. That will help you to collect all relevant business information with one click. Your accountant can also help you analyze and understand your cash flow, so you can make better plans on how to work out your monthly budget, sale target, break-even etc. We make sure your employees are paid correctly while your business is compliant with HMRC requirements, pension regulator requirements, court order requirements.

Our accountants have over 5 years of experience in the SME business community and their expertise and knowledge covers all business sectors – whatever your business, we cover it.

Yes, we do. We fully understand the pressures that you are under and offer a wide range of commercial experience which can help with the development of your growing business. We believe a little growth in your business means a little growth in our business.

Properly projecting your business’s cash flow is as essential as creating an effective mission statement and living up to it. Tedious, detailed flow projections aren’t easy to wrangle, but that’s what you have an accountant for.

Your accountant should be able to help you develop an organised, effective cash flow model that allows you to adjust your operations in ways that help you survive shortfalls, as well as improve receivables and manage payables.

As a member of IFA Tax Care Accountants must comply with continuous professional development regulation in order to keep up-to-date with current issues and regulations. We regularly attend various seminars and training workshop regarding recent updates on accounting softwares, finance acts and government regulations.

No, Tax Care Accountants will manage all aspects of your business financial activities so you can focus on running and growing your business.

A professional certified accountant will be dealing with you directly to meet all of your accounting and tax requirements. We work as a team and one of the senior accountants will finalise the work.

You can contact us as many times as you want to. You can contact us via telephone, email or face-to-face. If it is necessary, we will visit you. We will explain to you the technical accounting terms and the accounting requirements in a simple language so you would know what to do and how to do it. Our general response time 24 hours.

Taxes are always part of running a business, and you can always look for ways to improve how you handle payments, deductions, record-keeping, and so on. Your accountant, the expert on tax laws and their constant changes, can give you the insight you need.

Your accountant can help you answer questions like:

  • What are the latest changes in tax law that affect my business?
    When is the best time to make big equipment purchases?
    How can I best keep track of deductions?
    How can I maximise my tax savings?

This might seem like too simple a question, but clear, effective and frequent communication is the key to a healthy, beneficial relationship with your accountant. Establish early on how often you’ll connect, either in person, on the phone or online (via a video chat app like Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime). Decide together if you’ll meet weekly, monthly or bimonthly.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together