Limited Company

About Limited Company

About Limited Company

Unlike Sole Traders, a Limited Company enjoys separate legal identity from its members or subscribers. With this, members of the Company are more bound by the business obligations of the Company. In case the Company is not able to meet its obligations, then the personal assets of its members are protected.

Limited Companies can be limited by shares or guarantee. A limited by shares company can further be a public company or a private company. Being a legal entity, the Company must maintain accounts, file them to the Company House, and get the accounts audited if they exceed certain limits. Likewise, the Company must file their tax returns  for each year to HMRC.

Accounting and Tax Services For a Limited Company

Major Challenges for a Limited Company

Complexity in accounting standards and taxation laws is a big challenge today for limited companies. The world is rapidly changing which ultimately effects multinational transactions and complicated tax issues. The past decade has seen several financial scams resulting in tight regulations which require more transparency in financial transactions and processes. Also, with significant changes in financial reporting standards, accounting has become more difficult and digital. In today’s environment, one can’t think of manual accounting due to the increasing the number of transactions.

All of the above result in the need of professional consultants for accounting and taxation matters, who can help limited companies to comply with all such accounting and taxation issues, and shift the paradigm for digital accounting.           

Major Challenges for a Limited Company
The Role of Tax Care

The Role of Tax Care

Tax Care comes with a digital cloud based solution, including Xero and QuickBooks, by integrating finance, accounts, payroll and tax into one system. We are an award-winning firm specialised in accounting and taxation. Our team is comprised of highly qualified professional accountants who will help you to mitigate all complex accounting and tax issues. Our dedicated accountants will be there to help you out in every manner.

By hiring us, you don’t need to worry about your company accounts and tax preparation as we will take care of it. We will ensure timely compliance of your accounts and tax preparation.

Benefits Enjoyed by a Limited Company

How can We help Limited Companies?

Preparation of Accounts

Preparation of Accounts

Limited Companies are governed by Companies Act (passed in Parliament) which requires every Company to maintain its books of accounts and submit their accounts to Company House. That’s what we are here to help you out.
The maintenance of accounts is not an easy task since accounting standards have become more difficult to understand, requiring experts for it. Tax Care Accountants possess expertise in preparing accounts and filing them to Company House.

Once you hire us, you can just relax, and we will take away the pain of maintaining your accounts with our digital cloud based system. Accordingly, your accounts will be prepared digitally where you can get any of the reports you need.

VAT Preparation and VAT Return

VAT Preparation and VAT Return

VAT is directly related to your business. The bigger your business is, the more Revenue your business will have, as with your VAT.

With business growth, you will have to comply with VAT preparation and filing to HMRC every 3 months. If you fail to pay the VAT and submit your VAT Return in a timely manner, there may be heavy fines and/or penalties.
Tax Care will make your VAT preparation and submission to HMRC digital with the help of our cloud-based system. This can save your lot of time in complying with VAT requirements.

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax

Like maintaining accounts, Companies are required to prepare and submit their Corporate Tax return to HMRC. There are a number of tax allowances, deductions, and legitimate expenses which can save your tax bill in a large amount. However, not everyone is aware of these tax benefits as some of the tax benefits are only available to Companies. Being a professional firm who has expertise in this area, we will guide you about these tax benefits and let you to save your taxes. Also, we will prepare your corporate tax returns (Form CT600) and submit to HMRC. Additionally, we can guide you about tax planning and investment options which can save your tax bill in a large chunk.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Most of the Companies today outsource their Payroll function. This is because, with increasing business growth its size increases and so that the number of employees. It became hard to manage such a huge payroll function without any digital technology. Also, paying salary consists statutory deductions and as per HMRC, being an employer, you must have to submit RTI return whenever you pay your employees otherwise it will attract fines.

We will take this responsibility of handling your payroll function. Our payroll outsourcing service is very easy and simple. All you need to send us the details of your employees (such as their personal details, contracted hours, salary or pay rate, weekly or monthly pay) and we will do the rest. You will be assigned your personal payroll manager while working with us.

Business Loan and Funding

Business Loan and Funding

When you go to banks or financial institutions for funding, there is around an 80% chance of your application being rejected. There can be various reasons for their denial, for example no Income stability, a lack of adequate security, low income, insufficient Capital Investment etc.

Instead of going directly to banks, financial institutions or any other lender, it is beneficial to reach out to us so that we can extend our great support to secure the funds for you at a lower interest rate. We also offer exclusive mortgage solution services.

Contractor Accounting

Contractor Accounting

Contractor Accounting is a very difficult task which differentiates between employees and contractors. If you are a contractor but behave like an employee, then you should be taxed like an employee. Thus, compliance of IR35 is necessary in respect of contractor accounting.

It’s very difficult to understand the principle of Contractor Accounting, and any non-compliance may result in heavy tax and fines. We have designed an all-inclusive Contractor Accounting package that will provide everything you need. You can find out more about it by visiting our contractor accounting page.

Why should You Hire Us?


Tax Care brings the automation with cloud base software that increases value of our clients. Tax Care will simplify your accounting process and integrate them into one digital accounting system. This will eliminate stacks of papers and record them digitally. This cloud-based software has some unique feature to scan your records and keep them in the software for 7 years.

You can run any report you need from this system and analyse the data in a more meaningful manner. Most Importantly, your accounts and corporate taxes are prepared very easily with no hassles. Also, your payroll function will be managed very efficiently through digital system.

Your contractor accounting IR35 status is determined by direction and control, substitution and mutuality of obligation.

Unlimited Business & Tax Saving Advice

Tax Care Accountants are having expertise in the field of Accounting and Taxation. Your Personal Accountant will solve all your problems with his experience and provide unlimited advice and business support to you. You will be provided all support to lower your tax bill with our high-quality professionals and they will help you in tax planning. We will manage all HMRC correspondence on your behalf.

Your Personal Accountant & Tax Manager

On joining with us, you will be assigned a Personal Accountant who will assist you in every manner and one of the senior accountants will finalise the work. He or She will explain your situation and answer all your queries you may have. Also, with cloud-based software, you don’t need to send us your books and records every time since your personal accountant will have the real-time access of your records and he or she will assist you in case of any challenges.

Apart from this, you will be having your personal VAT Tax Manager who will help you in planning your VAT and submitting the returns to HMRC. You can ask for any help from your personal accountant and VAT tax manager in relation to any issue pertaining to accounting, corporate tax or VAT at any time.

Free accounting consultation and free business formation advice for sole traders and limited companies in Birmingham.

Efficient Tax Planning

Our professionals have expertise in tax planning which you can get the benefit of. They will ensure saving your tax bill by claiming all allowable deductions, expenses, capital allowances etc. You will be provided year-round access to our tax and accountancy experts.

Free business formation advice from sole trader and limited company accountant in Birmingham

Mobile Application

You can also use our Mobile Application for your business purposes. For e.g. if you have incurred an expense recently, you can just scan that invoice and embed into our software by using your mobile. Once it’s done, the application will automatically analyse the receipts, enter the data and send it to your accountant.           

Brings Quality

Our vision is to ensure quality and value addition for our clients and that is the reason Tax Care is an award-winning accounting firm. Our team includes specialized professionals who have wide range of experience in accounting and taxation and possess required certifications. Their goal is to deliver best quality output and connecting sole traders with big affordable technologies.

Statutory Compliances & Free Reminders

We ensure timely compliance of your all statutory requirements (i.e. Corporate Tax submission, VAT submission, accounts submission and any other statutory filings) which can attract heavy penalties, interests and fines, if delayed. Our efficient automated tool sends reminders prior to any deadlines to avoid any surprising penalties from HMRC, Company House or pension regulators.

Fund Management

If you don’t manage your finances, there is a high possibility of beaten by the market competition. As your start-up accountants, we will analyse your business operations and understand the flow of your expenses, incomes, assets and liabilities. This will develop insights on the available funds you will have in future, as well as how your expenses and credits may change. Accordingly, you will plan better for long-term.

Business Expansion

Since we help you in getting your finance needs accomplish with lower interest rates, you can use that money in building infrastructure and more capital investment. This will lead to have great business growth and expansion and we can add value to you by providing unlimited business advice.

We Have Great Answers


Yes, Tax Care Accountants is a certified accounting firm with a valid practicing certificate. Particularly, the firm is fully compliant with HMRC Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulation requirements. Above all, every single client manager at Tax Care is a qualified accountant with industry experience who will be taking care of your business. Overall, the firm is regulated and supervised by the Institute of Financial Accountant (IFA) and HMRC recognised Tax Agent.

Overall, we work on the basis of a fixed fee with no hidden cost, you will know exactly what and how much you are paying for.

In general, most of our clients pay monthly by setting up a direct debit or standing order. However, you can also pay your fees by instalments.

Yes. Particularly, our clients are fully protected in case if there is a worst-case scenario of a huge loss.

We strongly believe the significance of the popular accounting quote “ behind every successful business there is a smart accountant”. At Tax Care we work as a virtual extension of your company in order to free up your time, we advise you on how to save money and provide you the key financial information in order to make informed decisions. We will simplify your payroll, accounting and financial functions of your business and integrate all in one system. That will help you to collect all relevant business information with one click. Your accountant can also help you analyze and understand your cash flow, so you can make better plans on how to work out your monthly budget, sale target, break-even etc. We make sure your employees are paid correctly while your business is compliant with HMRC requirements, pension regulator requirements, court order requirements.

Our accountants have over 5 years of experience in the SME business community and their expertise and knowledge covers all business sectors – whatever your business, we cover it.

Yes, we do. We fully understand the pressures that you are under and offer a wide range of commercial experience which can help with the development of your growing business. We believe a little growth in your business means a little growth in our business.

Properly projecting your business’s cash flow is as essential as creating an effective mission statement and living up to it. Tedious, detailed flow projections aren’t easy to wrangle, but that’s what you have an accountant for.

Your accountant should be able to help you develop an organised, effective cash flow model that allows you to adjust your operations in ways that help you survive shortfalls, as well as improve receivables and manage payables.

Particularly, as a member of IFA Tax Care Accountants must comply with continuous professional development regulation in order to keep up-to-date with current issues and regulations. We regularly attend various seminars and training workshop regarding recent updates on accounting softwares, finance acts and government regulations.

No, Tax Care Accountants will manage all aspects of your business financial activities so you can focus on running and growing your business.

In summary, a professional certified accountant will be dealing with you directly to meet all of your accounting and tax requirements. Overall, we work as a team and one of the senior accountants will finalise the work.

Altogether, you can contact us as many times as you want to. For example, you can contact us via telephone, email or face-to-face. Also, if necessary, we will visit you. In detail, we will explain to you the technical accounting terms and the accounting requirements in a simple language so you would know what to do and how to do it. Generally, our response time is 24 hours.

Above all, taxes are always part of running a business, and you can always look for ways to improve how you handle payments, deductions, record-keeping, and so on. Therefore, your accountant, the expert on tax laws and their constant changes, can give you the insight you need.

For instance, your accountant can help you answer questions like:

  • What are the latest changes in tax law that affect my business?
    When is the best time to make big equipment purchases?
    How can I best keep track of deductions?
    How can I maximise my tax savings?

This might seem like too simple a question, but clear, effective and frequent communication is the key to a healthy, beneficial relationship with your accountant. Establish early on how often you’ll connect, either in person, on the phone or online (via a video chat app like Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime). Decide together if you’ll meet weekly, monthly or bimonthly.

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together

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