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Our self-assessment tax return service includes tax planning, unlimited tax advice, tax preparation and tax submission.

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The need for self-assessment tax return services have increased as the number of self-employed people in the UK has increased to 4.8 million in 2017 from 3.3 million in 2001. The self-employed population accounts for 15.1% of the labour force in UK. If you are self-employed, a contractor or a sole trader, Tax Care Accountants will provide you the best tax efficient accounting solution to save your time and money. Feel free to speak to us today regarding your tax issues or book a free consultation session for our self-assessment tax return services.

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Self-assessment tax return services including reducing your tax bills, claim expenses, claim tax allowances, and smart deadline management.

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Our promise to our clients is to provide high quality of services with the lowest possible price. We offer customised self-assessment tax return services package based on your requirements. We recommend you to book an appointment to discuss further about your tax issue prior to make any decision.

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All in One Self-Assessment (SA) Tax Return

All in one is an exclusive online self-assessment tax return package for your income tax return. It includes everything you need for your personal tax return in UK. This package is designed to make both you and the Taxman happy.

We provide high quality services with the lowest possible price. We offer customised self-assessment tax return services package based on your requirements.
All in one is an exclusive online self-assessment tax return package for your income tax return. It includes everything you need for your personal tax return in UK.
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All things considered, we operate on a set price basis with no additional costs; you will always be aware of exactly what you are paying for.

The majority of our clients often set up a direct debit or standing order for their monthly payments. You may, however, choose to pay your fees over time in installments.

Absolutely. Specifically, in the worst-case situation of a significant loss, our clients are totally insured.

We firmly think that the proverbial “there’s a smart accountant behind every successful business” holds great significance. At Tax Care, we operate as a virtual extension of your business to free up your time. We also offer financial advice and the essential data you need to make decisions. We’ll streamline your company’s payroll, accounting, and finance operations and combine them into a single system. That will enable you to quickly and easily get all important company data with a single click. Your accountant may also assist you in understanding and analyzing your cash flow, which can help you plan more effectively for your monthly budget, sales goal, break-even point, and other matters. We ensure that your company complies with HMRC, pension regulation, and court order obligations while paying your employees accurately.

With over five years of experience in the SME business community, our accountants’ knowledge and expertise span all company sectors, so no matter what kind of business you run, we can help.

Yes, we do. We fully understand the pressures that you are under and offer a wide range of commercial experience which can help with the development of your growing business. We believe a little growth in your business means a little growth in our business.

Properly projecting your business’s cash flow is as essential as creating an effective mission statement and living up to it. Tedious, detailed flow projections aren’t easy to wrangle, but that’s what you have an accountant for.

Your accountant should be able to help you develop an organised, effective cash flow model that allows you to adjust your operations in ways that help you survive shortfalls, as well as improve receivables and manage payables.

No, Tax Care Accountants will handle every facet of your company’s financial operations, allowing you to concentrate on managing and expanding your enterprise.

To summarize, all of your accounting and tax obligations will be met immediately by a professional qualified accountant. In general, we collaborate as a team, with one of the senior accountants completing the assignment.

You can get in touch with us whenever you’d like. You can reach us, for instance, via the phone, through email, or in person. Additionally, we will come see you if needed. To help you understand what to do and how to accomplish it, we will go over the technical accounting terms and the accounting regulations in detail and in plain English. Our response time is typically 24 hours.

Above all, paying taxes is an inevitable element of operating a business, and there’s always room for improvement in terms of payments, deductions, record-keeping, and other related areas. Consequently, the knowledge you require regarding tax rules and their frequent modifications can be obtained from your accountant.

For example, an accountant can assist you in responding to inquiries such as:

  • What recent modifications to the tax legislation impact my business?
  • When is the ideal moment to invest in large pieces of equipment?

  • What’s the best way for me to monitor deductions?
    How can I save the most money on taxes?

Although it may seem overly simplistic, regular, efficient, and transparent communication is essential to a positive working relationship with your accountant. Decide in advance how frequently you’ll speak—in person, over the phone, or online (using a video chat software like FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype). Choose whether to meet every week, every month, or every two months.

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