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What is Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme?

At Taxcare, we understand the nuances of SEIS, and we specialize in guiding both investors and startups through the intricacies of this government-backed initiative. SEIS offers a unique opportunity to support early-stage businesses while enjoying significant tax reliefs, and Taxcare is here to ensure you make the most of these advantages.

What is Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

How SEIS Works

Our experienced team at Taxcare will walk you through the entire SEIS process. From assessing qualifying trades to understanding the risk-to-capital condition, we provide comprehensive support. Learn about the role of advance assurance, the share issue process, and how to structure your investments for optimal gains.

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SEIS Application Process

Navigating the SEIS application process can be complex, but with Taxcare by your side, you can be confident in a smooth and efficient experience. Our team will assist you with the required forms, documentation, and ensure timely submissions. Explore the tax benefits available in the current tax year with Taxcare’s expert guidance.

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SEIS Investment Platforms

Taxcare collaborates with reputable SEIS investment platforms, offering you a curated selection to choose from. We compare features, fees, and user experiences, ensuring you select a platform aligned with your financial goals while enjoying the capital gains tax relief and income tax advantages associated with SEIS.

SEIS Resources and Links

Access official SEIS resources, including government guidelines and legislation, combined with Taxcare’s expert insights. Our resources provide you with a comprehensive understanding of SEIS and its tax benefits, ensuring you stay informed and make strategic investment decisions.

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Consultation Services

Taxcare offers personalized consultation services to investors and startups alike. Benefit from our expertise in navigating qualifying trades, inheritance tax considerations, and structuring share issues to maximize your tax advantages. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your success in the dynamic landscape of SEIS.

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SEIS provides capital gains tax relief by allowing investors to reinvest gains from the disposal of any asset into SEIS-qualifying companies. This results in a reduction or elimination of the capital gains tax liability on those gains.

SEIS shares are shares issued by qualifying companies under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. Investing in these shares can provide investors with various tax reliefs, including income tax relief and exemptions on gains.

Advance assurance is a process where companies can seek confirmation from HMRC that their proposed share issue will qualify for SEIS. It provides assurance to investors and makes the investment process smoother by ensuring eligibility for tax reliefs.

While both SEIS and EIS aim to encourage investment in early-stage companies, SEIS is specifically targeted at startups in their early stages, offering more generous tax reliefs. EIS is designed for slightly more mature businesses.

Yes, investors in SEIS-qualifying companies can benefit from income tax relief of up to 50% of the amount invested, subject to certain conditions. This provides a significant incentive for individuals looking to support early-stage ventures.

The risk-to-capital condition is a requirement that the investment must carry a significant risk of loss of capital for it to qualify under SEIS. This condition ensures that SEIS is targeted at genuinely high-risk investments.

SEIS investments can be exempt from inheritance tax after being held for two years. This makes SEIS an attractive option for individuals looking to include these investments in their inheritance tax planning strategy.

SEIS is designed to support businesses engaged in qualifying trades. These trades include most trades and activities, excluding certain excluded activities like dealing in land, financial activities, and others.

SEIS plays a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurship by providing much-needed capital to early-stage businesses. This, in turn, stimulates economic growth and job creation.

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