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what is xero health check?

A Xero Health check is a comprehensive check of your accounting software performed by a Xero technician to ensure that your software is working properly. At the end of the financial health check the Xero specialist will advise you where you need to improve. Tax Care Accountants are proud to offer this service free of charge.


Why Xero health check

We believe every business should get their software reviewed by a professional accountant. A professional setting  xero will help business to gather high quality of financial information about their business performance based on the live data available on Xero

A recent research suggest that 83% of the business owner are not utilising all of the feature available on their accounting software if you get your software reviewed by a Xero advisor they can provide information on where to improve

As artificial intelligence and OCR technology is revolutionising bookkeeping and the accounting sector a professional Xero approved advisor can provide information on Xero automation and integration

Xero VAT and tax settings are reviewed by the tax expert .it means you are you overpaying your VAT

what do we do

complete insights xero health check

giving complete insights

Originally we will get access to your Xero and run a software that highlights where your data needs drawing up. also we will give you a complete sapience into the advancements you need to strengthen the integrity of your account data

financial insights xero health check

providing financial insights

Having an accurate picture of where your accounts need fixing will put us in a position where we can punctuate the figures that unnaturally affect your cash inflow, P&L and balance distance

VAT return xero health check

reviewing the previous vat return

As a perk, we will also review your last Handbasket response and punctuate what HMRC are appearing at and demonstrate how MTD works and how you can bring around the most out  of it 

action plan xero health check

action plan

We'll be furnishing you with a precious plan of action to ameliorate the quality of your secretary and fiscal information which will help you make informed business opinions

why should you take advantage of the opportunity to receive a complimentary xero health assesment ?

  1. Ensure accurate and fair taxation ,whether it pertains to VAT, corporation tax, or any other applicable taxes.
  2. Minimize the risk of incurring penalties for incorrect tax payments .
  3. Avoid triggering an HMRC inquiry due to inadequate record-keeping
  4. Enable well-informed strategic planning for the future.
  5. Stay updated on financial figures and potential tax liabilities through live accounting data
  6. Maintain awareness of cash flow positions
  7. Present a genuine and precise representation of the company’s financial state
  8. Alleviate stress by possessing an accurate understanding of your financial standing.
  9. Instill confidence and peace of mind in decision making


Xero Financial Assessment is an invaluable resource that can greatly benefit individuals and organizations in managing their financial well-being. By providing a comprehensive evaluation of their financial data, Xero Financial Assessment empowers users to gain a clear understanding of their financial status and make informed decisions to enhance their overall fiscal health. One of the standout advantages of Xero Financial Assessment is its ability to pinpoint areas of concern and highlight potential risks. Through an analysis of key financial metrics such as cash flow, revenue, and expenses, Xero Financial Assessment can identify specific areas that may require attention or adjustments. This level of insight enables users to proactively address financial challenges before they evolve into significant issues, ensuring the long-term stability and prosperity of their business or personal finances. Moreover, Xero Financial Assessment goes beyond simply providing information by offering actionable recommendations and practical advice based on the assessment of financial data. These valuable insights provide users with the necessary guidance to implement effective strategies and make informed choices to optimize their financial performance. Whether it involves reducing unnecessary expenses, improving cash flow management, or identifying growth opportunities, Xero Financial Assessment equips users with unique knowledge and powerful tools to take control of their financial journey.

Xero health check
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